In the News: Bharti Airtel in shares tug-of-war with TZ government, Is January Makamba Tanzania’s version of Obama?

  • BHARTI Airtel of India, which recently completed a US$10.7 billion purchase of Zain African operations from Kuwait’s Zain Group, could be heading into troubled waters in Tanzania, as the government has apparently blocked the release of its 40% stake in Zain Tanzania.
  • The honourable Zitto Kabwe, Chadema’s MP for Kigoma North, revealed on Twitter yesterday that his party had nominated its Secretary General and MP for Karatu Dr. Willibroad Slaa to challenge the incumbent Mheshimiwa Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete for the presidency of The United Republic of Tanzania.
  • Is President Kikwete’s speechwriter and personal assistant Mr. January Makamba, who is trying to unseat four-term member of parliament and the chairman of Energy and Minerals parliamentary committee William Shelukindo from Bumbuli, Tanzania’s version of Obama?
  • Perennial candidate and CUF’s nominee for the presidency, Professor Ibrahim Lipumba, challenges President Jakaya Kikwete (CCM) to a presidential debate as the general election campaign officially gets underway.

2 Comments on “In the News: Bharti Airtel in shares tug-of-war with TZ government, Is January Makamba Tanzania’s version of Obama?”

  1. 1. Ah. nothing quite like doing business with the government of Tanzania is there?
    2. Bad news for a net-import economy. Still, shilling been stable for almost a year with minimal depreciation…
    3. … aisee.
    4. … seriously? I mean, January’s great. But: the Obama comparison. Seriously?
    5. And watch mister president side-step it. good luck with that, prof.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Elsie, I said the same thing w. the Obama comparison. Like is Obama the epitome of a political figure now or…..i must have missed the memo.! January is great i concur, but isn’t he more a GWBush (legacy wise) rather than a community organizer Obama….au do i just have it all mixed up!?! #justsaying

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