Free Education For All?

So claims this American publication:

All across the world, more and more universities are beginning to offer free course content and lectures to anyone with Internet access. Some of the top universities in the world — Yale, U.C. Berkley, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology among them — are opening up education to anyone and everyone without asking for a penny. These classes are easily accessed by visiting the school’s Web site, downloading them for free on iTunes or looking for them on

The reason for these free online courses is simple: a belief that education should be free.

The Yale Web site ( reads, “Yale … believes that leading universities can make an important contribution to expanding access to educational resources through the use of Internet technology.”

The courses are offered in different fields, ranging from biology to quantum mechanics to French literature. MIT offers over 1,900 courses, most with reading lists, syllabi and full video and audio recordings of each class session. These syllabi are identical to those given to students in the classrooms, often including paper topics and grading rubrics, in addition to reading outlines and other course information.


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