Food For Thought

“For too long we have allowed stories to be told for us!
Let us not speak on behalf of the West, let us speak from within us.
W’Afrika tujenge hadithi zetu wenyewe za kuhadithia
Zile hadithi zetu za zamani, tusisahau kuzisikia
Listen to the stories bibi tells not just the stories BBC sells
Let us revive our storytellers of old, let us sing the songs we sang and retell the stories we told
And as we move along let us create our own standard, our own beauty. Revive our historians and revolutionaries, let us be bold.
Let’s take walks down memory street
Retrace and teach the beat of our ancestors’ feet
But also move to the groove of our own emancipation
Casually let’s speak our native minds with no care as to who this will suit
Let the lion speak of how the hunter trembles in his boots before he shoots
Those old tales, they rendered us weak


Read the full poem here

(Photo: Maya Wegerif performing the poem ‘Who tells our stories’ on May 22, 2010 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, during the TedxDar event. By Salim Ally)


One thought on “Food For Thought

  1. WOW!!!! and i have to agree with the sentiment brought forth in this heartfelt piece. And the Swanglish makes it selfevident the need to recreate and reinvigorate and renew. Its neither just about going back nor accepting what is declared as the status quo; its about self creation and lord knows how much we need a new voice that speaks of the moment, a new image that tells of reality with no apology…owk, i love this :))

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