TedxDar 2010 – Sights, Impressions, Sounds

It’s snack time. A few thoughts and impressions:

  • I just had an interesting conversation with one of the attendees. She raised this question: if this is a Dar event, why is English the dominant language of communication? Aren’t we then doing the same thing that Prof. Mhunzi warned us about, elevating English as a language of ideas and in the process we are demoting Kiswahili, using it to talk about banalities?
  • Elsie suggests that perhaps we are falling victim to the tyranny of the self-affirming bubble of familiar ideas and people:

One thing I noticed immediately coming into the TEDxDAR venue was that I already knew far too many people here. A couple of friends have remarked time and time again: Dar is very small. I deal with this by keeping as low a profile as I can manage, but in the end there is just a large group of us who are Unavoidable at Certain Kinds of Events. I wonder sometimes if this is a Tanzanian adaptation of what C. Wright Mills was writing about in ‘The Power Elite.”

  • Mkuki on the music: ‘The DJ seems only interested in entertaining himself.’
  • The food was good.

Anyway, back on to the ideas…


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