TedxDar 2010 – ‘Green is Sexy’

This is the exhortation Selemani Kinyunyu left us with. From the Mikocheni Report:

With this message, Selemani aimed to recruit the participants into doing their bit for climate change* in Tanzania. Whether that means biking to work, separating trash and composting, not printing every email or any host of daily activities that can actually make a difference, however small, in the ultimate fate of the environment. He’s already doing his part.

And he also took the time to elucidate on the nature of carbon trading:

[T]he market for the environment aims for reduced emissions from avoided degradation and deforestation. Carbon emmission is a good measure of environmental degradation. Since 60% of Tanzania’s GDP comes from the extraction of natural resources (tourism, mining, agriculture), climate change will directly affect how NRs will be used in Tanzania. In effect, through this carbon trading market we can, as nations, buy and sell ‘carbon emissions’ in a global market.

It is refreshing to see a young Tanzanian engage seriously with this issue in the our very particular context.


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