TedxDar 2010 – End Words

This has been a fantastic achievement. The final word on this extraordinary day I leave to Elsie:

We are done now. The pictures are being taken on stage, the tone is mellow, the DJ has put on bass-heavy music and guests are trickling out of the tent. At the blogging table, aspirin or alcohol [halal alcohol for Shurufu] would probably be welcome depending on the recipient…

I am walking away from the group photo (strobe lights are brighter than they appear in the movies) and guided home through the dark by the warm glow of my Apple. It’s time to shake some booty at the after party*. Tomorrow, or whenever, is time enough to do a proper post-mortem. So I’ll just say this for now: mad love to the TEDxDAR team. You done good. Own it.

And I will do a more reflective post soon about what went on here. But as I am logging off, I feel emboldened, energised and excited for the future of this country.


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