TedxDar 2010, Ctd

The recorded video talk of George Ayittey was a visceral performance. It certainly got the Mikocheni Reporter excited:

There is something about our West African brethren isn’t there? They don’t suffer from quite the same Culture of Silence and Acquiscence as we do here in East Africa. No, sir…[He is talking] about my favorite thing in the world: governance. Yes: Power, the Power to Self Rule and What we Africans Have Done With It. Oh yeah, and markets and the relationship between the market and politics.

Although I have to say that he was preaching to the choir. And I get that, that is how you get them to sing but what about those who are not part of the choruses? How do you enlist those who are also interested in change but suspicious of the revolutionary fervour exhibited by the likes of Mr. Ayitteh? Something to think about.


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