Inside Game: Why Sakina Datoo Left The Guardian

A few weeks ago, an interesting development took place in the world of media in this country. Apparently, Sakina Datoo, has resigned from her role as the Editorial Director of The Guardian Newspapers Ltd, the print media arm of Reginald Mengi’s IPP Media empire. What’s strange, however, is the way in which this story has gone largely unreported by almost all of the local press. It is certainly curious why newspapers have chosen to ignore what is clearly one of the biggest media stories of the year. I managed to get a hold of Ms. Datoo’s letter of resignation. You can read it for yourself below.

As you can see, at the very least, the letter offers a fascinating insight into the inner workings of a major media house in Tanzania and the management style of it’s Executive Chairman, Mr. Reginald Mengi. For a more contextual look at this story take a look at this piece in Expression Today, the Nairobi based media magazine, one of the few publications in the region that published the story. It still makes you wonder, though, why the Tanzanian media have greeted this news with such extraordinary silence, especially since they tend to treat any whiff of scandal with the crusading fervour worthy of a religious fanatic. Yet, here is a piece of news involving two powerful and influential figures in the industry, with possibly a juicy backstory, and they decide to go mum. I wonder why?


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