Begging to Master II

It’s budget season here in Bongoland. And this year’s 9.51 trillion shillings money chest, proudly boasts 40% of it’s income from foreign aid. As always, this comes with those ‘know who the boss is’ strings attached. So after the Swedish government pledged about $231 million for ‘budget support’ for the next four years they added this little warning:

“Two areas are especially highlighted, public financial management, crucial not least in the fight against corruption, and the local government reform programme, because local government is key to service delivery,” Swedish Ambassador Staffan Herrstrom said during a signing ceremony […] “There are certainly concerns about business climate, where Tanzania has been slipping. Again, we hope to see that taken care of,” Herrstrom said.

This comes at the heels of this announcement from the Dutch government:

Development Minister Bert Koenders has suspended financial aid to Tanzania. In a letter to the Lower House, he explains that Tanzania is an unreliable partner for foreign investors. Koenders took the decision after a Dutch entrepreneur lost his investment. 

It makes you wonder why we demanded independence at all if in our ‘freedom’ we are always begging for money to feed ourselves and placidly accept being treated like children in the process.


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