What’s happening in North Mara?

According to environmental activists, the mine is a source of deadly pollution:

Tanzanian human rights activists have called on the government to close down North Mara Gold Mine to aid a probe into allegations of pollution of Tigithe river which passes through the mine property. 

Locals say that since the start of June, up to 18 people and 270 head of cattle have died after drinking contaminated water from the Tigithe river. The river is a source of domestic water for thousands of locals in northwestern Tanzania.

Barrick Gold, who own the mine, through their spokesman, deny that North Mara is a source of the contamination. Meanwhile, the PM, Mizengo Pinda, has ordered an investigation into the allegations. 

Mining companies have struggled to endear themselves to local communities and this will do nothing but further people’s negative suspicions about them. However, let’s wait and see what the investigation reveals before passing judgement. 
UPDATE: Apparently, The National Environment Management Council (NEMC) has concluded that the mine is responsible for the contamination of the Tigithe river. In a report submitted to parliament they have recommended that either the government close down North Mara gold mine or re-settle the local residents. From The Guardian:

The recommendation is contained in a report compiled by NEMC and handed over by its director-general, Bonaventura Baya, to parliamentary committees on Land, Environment and Natural Resources, and Minerals and Energy which were following up the matter.

He said the government made a wrong decision to allow the gold mine to be established in residential areas.

Baya advised the government to either evacuate residents from the area or  close down the mine because it is located in residential areas.

“The government has to decide on whether people should continue residing in the area or it should close down the mine because the situation is very pathetic,” said Baya.


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