The way we live now

Every year, half a million women die over preventable pregnancy complications. Denise Grady, over at The New York Times has a piece about how small communities in Tanzania are dealing with this tragic reality. In her second of three article on the subject, she looks at how a small orphanage in Berega, a village in Tanzania’s midwest, is dealing with children whose mothers died giving birth: 

The orphanage here, started in 1965 by United German Mission Aid, an evangelical Christian mission, began recruiting relatives to move in about five years ago. Ute Klatt, a German missionary and nurse who has been director of the orphanage for 10 years, said she learned about the practice from another orphanage in Tanzania. Now many of the children at the orphanage are cared for by a teenage girl from the extended family — a binti, in Swahili — often a sister, cousin or aunt, who lives with them and learns how to take care of them.

You can read the rest of the article here

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