They are laughing at you…

The Economist, in that self-righteous, holier-than-though tone, turn their focus on Tanzania:

Yet those who set up shop in the country are often disappointed. Tanzania, many complain, is a “slow” or even “terrible” place to do business—and “ungrateful” for foreign aid or investment. Even its boosters admit it is wrapped in red tape and lacks skilled workers. Almost everyone says Mr Kikwete is spending too much time burnishing Tanzania’s image abroad and not enough fixing problems at home. Last year he chaired the African Union. 

I like that ‘ungrateful’ for aid bit. But what do you expect when almost 50% of your budget is subsidized by foreigners. You are always going to be a joke to these people. Here is the lede from the same article:

THE country already gets 40% of its government budget in aid, but now it wants even more foreign cash to help it through the economic downturn. How much is enough? Tanzania’s president, Jakaya Kikwete, smiles grimly. “We’re trying to bring down our dependency, but we’re grateful for what we receive.”

Where is your dignity, man? This is what we are reduced to: a bunch of beggars. It is embarrassing. Reading the article, you can’t help but be ashamed to be Tanzanian. 


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