No natives allowed…

This is what David Maige, a local employee of Lake Manyara National Park, was told when he took his family to visit the Lake Manyara Hotel in Arusha. From The Guardian on Sunday:

Upon approaching the main gate of the prestigious lodge, watchmen relayed a piece of information to him which didn’t register immediately as being factual – that the facility was a no-go zone for natives, but the preserve of foreigners and members of the power elite.

The reason:

‘Since terrorists have no labels, the management decided to restrict an influx of local people into the lodge,’ the hotel boss noted.

Ah, these bloody natives. Always annoying Master when he is having fun. Why do they not understand that this here territory is only for Master and his House Negroes? Go back to the plantation and stop bothering Master when he is trying to have a good time. 


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